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Gaudeto sprl is a consulting and investment company focussed on small to mid size technology and media companies. It helps companies to grow up, (re)structure and reach new professional standards in the field of technologies linked to media, health and digital transition.

The company develops some retail real estate in Liège aera. It does also supports voluntarily some “xP (christian) media” initiatives.
The company is based in Liège (Belgium) and its partner have strong company references.

In latin, Gaudeto means “rejoice”. A new art of life and of business creation.


Chemin du Frise 46, BE-4671 Saive

Jacques Galloy, Partner
Laurence Galloy-Deuse, Partner
info [at] gaudeto.com

Ph +32 (0)4 374 23 74 | Fx +32 (0)4 374 23 73

Gaudeto sprl | TVA BE 0558.910.436
Numéro d’entreprise : 558.910.436
IBAN : BE27 0689 0055 2673 | BIC : GKCCBEBB

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